Can you reuse the Cocon?
Yes you can. It is important to carefully remove the furniture from the bag. It shows that people tend to fill the bag with more caution than emptying it. Check before use if there are any cracks or holes. If not too large, you can fix it with the supplied adhesive tape.

Is the Cocon waterproof?
The Cocon is made of waterproof plastic film. The open side must be carefully closed with the supplied cord. (see instructions for use)

Why is the Cocon black on the inside and white on the outside?
This colour combination reduces the risk of condensation. Differences in air temperatures against the inside and outside of the plastic can cause condensation. The white layer reflects the heat of the sun and the black layer isolates the heat during the night which avoids big differences in temperature and thus condensation. The black layer also shuts out light. This protects your furniture against discolouration by UV light.

What can I do the protect my furniture even better?
It is advisable to use cardboard or blankets to protect the plastic against sharp edges from the furniture. If you use the bag for more than a week it is better that the furniture will not make direct contact with the plastic due to possible condensation.

How long can I keep my stuff in the Cocon?
The Cocoon is meant for temporary storage but 2-3 months is no problem. If you use the Cocon for a longer period of time, it is recommended that you regularly air the bag in order to lose excess moisture. The plastic of the Cocon is UV light stabilized for up to 3 years.

How long can I store the Cocon?
If you store the empty Cocon in a dry and dark place it will stay intact for over 10 years. Just make sure the bag is clean and dry so no fungi can cause the bag to get dirty.

Is the Cocon recyclable?
Yes, it is. The Cocon is made of polyethylene and can be discarded with the usual plastic waste.

Can I use the Cocon also in severe frost?
Yes you can. The plastic film will be slightly less flexible but retains its strength and other properties.

Are there other sizes for sale also?
Yes, apart from the 5, 6 and 8 mtr long Cocons, we can also produce other lengths. We usually don’t have these sizes in stock so you have to take a longer delivery time into account.