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About Cocon

In 2014 my father in law asked me if I had a piece of plastic film for him so he could cover his furniture in his garden. My parents in law decided to refurbish their wooden floor and they needed to clear out the entire living room. With no storage space available they wanted to use their garden. Afraid of the dutch weather I turned to one of the smallest sizes of silobags I had been selling for over 20 years. These silobags are used by farmers to store forage and cereals. The width of 315 cm and a length of 6 mtr. fitted the garden and left enough space to reach the back gate and the bicycle shed. I cut a piece of this plastic tube, sealed it on 1 side and used it as a bag. In this way we only had to move the furniture 5 meters through the sliding door in the back of the living room. All the furnishings fitted inside the bag, and after the work was done everything was put back into place in no time with no damage what so ever.

A new product was born, although I still blame myself for not coming up with this idea any sooner! Via our own website we received the first orders and after our participation in the Parquet show 2016 in Gorinchem, the parquet industry embraced our product. As a result, the number of orders continue to grow and Cocon is a household name in the flooring business in Holland. In 2017 we opened the Cocon webshop which allows consumers to directly purchase a Cocon.

In January 2018 we participated in Europe’s leading flooring show Domotex in Hannover. This was the official introduction of Cocon outside of the Netherlands.

John de Klerk

About Flex-Pack

Since 1995 Flex-Pack has been offering plastic film products in niche markets. Our main products are Flexible Ice-packs, Silobags, OPP sheets and Cocons. We also own a range of converting machines with which we can seal, cut, wind, micro perforate, punch holes etc. We continuously receive contracting orders for these machines. For more info visit www.flex-pack.nl


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